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Writing a book is appropriate more and more of a trend these days. In fact, an estimated 5,000 mystery books were in print last year in the United States alone, and that digit is estimated to grow. With so much competition, assembly the best-seller list is no easy task. So how is it that out of the thousands of mysteries available each year, some befit best-sellers while others never get past the publisher's front door? The counter is down-to-earth - promotion.

Strategy is Key

Many authors are so certain that their book will sell itself, but unfortunately, that cleanly isn't the case. To hit the best-seller lists, you need to assign a lot of time to marketing. Promotion is important, since even if you think your book is destined to be a best-seller, no one will buy the book if you don't advertise it and set up the fitting allotment outlets.

At this point many authors proclaim: "But my publisher is assumed to marketplace my book, not me. " That's not completely true. While the publisher does want your book to sell (that is, after all, how they make money), with all the books a publisher represents, their PR area can't perhaps give your book the concentration it deserves. They're often promoting numerous books at once and must broaden out their time and assets absolutely connecting everyone.

That's where the biographer comes in. By captivating allege of your book's promotion, you can make it to the best-seller list.

The first step in devising a promotion policy is to coin a authoritative media kit. You can be the most brilliant book supporter in the world, yet fail at assembly your book a hit if you do not have a brawny and credible media kit. Why? Well, you may be able to talk a good game and get ancestors excited about your book, but when they ask for your press kit and see a measly, uninformative carton with a few split ends and nonentity more, all your build-up will fall flat.

What's in a Media Kit?

Think of a media kit as your book's resume. If it doesn't look good, it definitely won't appeal to the appeal of media, distributors, or bookstores. The kit must contain:

1. A cover communication - A one-page dispatch that entices the person who reads to open your kit.

2. A press announcement - Commonly one page long, the press circulate describes your book and its timeliness.

3. A mock book analysis - A one to two-page overview of your book that gives the highlights.

4. An biographer biography - A one-page article that introduces your id for characters the book.

5. A book sell sheet - A one page flyer for your book that gives ordering in sequence and sell copy.

6. A book directory sheet - A one page in order piece that gives the industrial details, such as how many books come in a case, the book's sales handles, the author's media hype campaign, etc.

7. A novelty item such as a postcard of the book's cover, a bookmark, a argue against card, etc. - Counting a novelty item makes you memorable. It also showcases some of your marketing efforts.

You Can Do It!

With a brawny media kit, you can keep the momentum brawny and get colonize petitioning for more. This, in turn, will lead them to buy the book, which could at last lead you all the way to the top of the best-seller list.

Dawn Josephson is leader and come to grief of Cameo Publications, an editorial and publishing air force firm based in Hilton Head Island, SC. She is also the cause of Putting It On Paper: The Broken up Rules for Creating Promotional Pieces that Sell Books and the co-author (with Lauren Hidden) of the new book Write It Right: The Argument Rules for Self-Editing Like the Pros. . For more information, delight call 843-785-3770, e-mail Dawn@CameoPublications. com, or visit http://www. CameoPublications. com


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