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Do you have books meeting in your garage that you haven't sold yet and looking for ways to move them? Then you will want to know about these five outrageous ideas that aren't challenging and can be just plain out fun.

Dede Hall, biographer of The Starving Student's Cookery book had very poor sales for her books. Then one day an disgracefully light bulb minute appeared. She added an low-cost skillet with the book and shrink-wrapped them. Then she took 150 of them to two food that she belief wouldn't sell them. Yes, to her surprise, all 150 sold in two days. Dede stumbled on an outrageous idea and it worked out big time. She sold over 100,000 copies in a few months. Where did she sell them? Attention you would never ask. Price Clubs and K-marts.

Do you have a book that could be packaged with a bit else and coin outrageous sales for yourself? It's Christmas time and no it isn't too late. But ahead of you dart off to come up with an outrageous idea for your book, carry on analysis so that you can get all the facts.

Another recipe book was repackaged with a scarlet ribbon and some imported cinnamon firewood and then sold at branch provisions in the housewares and gift sections. The book couldn't sell at $5. 95 but flew off the shelves at $10 and went into back printing in 30 days.

Would your book sell well in a three-ring shrink-wrapped binder? Why not coin and audio or CD edition of the material. Just read absolutely from the material. You do not have to be fancy. Add "read by the author" idiom to the external in big letters. Or maybe "F-R__E-E Bonus, Narrow Time Offer, Free Audio read by the author" in big letters.

Another key is to look for an item that makes the container better than the book. This requires a better space and then better visibility.

What about a book on money? Add a mug labeled, "Millionaire" and watch it fly off the shelf. Do not not remember the agree with part of the formula -- the place you are going to sell it. When you add the mug, it is now careful a gift item. This opens the doors to more food and places.

Try all the detached gift shops, in particular at the airport. They are constantly looking for these type of inimitable combinations.

Have an assignment book? Add a "walking meter" with it. The one that events how many miles you are walking. Have no clue what they call those equipment but I have bought three over the past few years. Again, now it is a gift item. How about contacting a sports gear vendor and promotion them copies of your book that would be a free go for a inadequate cycle with a purchase.

Get the store to add a sign, "limited quality" and watch them go even faster. What is great about this angle is that gift stores, administrative area food and akin food are much more open to add effects to their shelf. They will work with you much change for the better than a bookstore.

Now that you brain is going a mile a diminutive with ideas, best requirements for advertising many more books!

Catherine Franz is a Marketing & Characters Coach, niches, artifact development, Internet marketing, factual copy and training. Extra Articles: http://www. abundancecenter. com blog: http://abundance. blogs. com


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