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Once upon a time, ancestors went to bookstores when they sought to buy a book. Or at least, that was the theory. Actually, non-bookstore channels have been a big part of book sales for decades-at least since people like Joe Karbo ("The Lazy Man's Way to Riches") back in the 1960s. For my own books, whether they were s elf-published, done with a small business-related house, or by a New York conglomerate, I've found that se lling as the crow flies is more secure, more financially rewar ding, and far less hassle than sweating out the proceeds game with the b ookstore channel. All along, I've sold all through speeches (I love in receipt of pai d to do my own marketing), over the Web (the f irst of my four websites went live in 1996), to clients at my office, wh o stare at a rack of my work all over their complete appointment, and thr ough

an all-embracing crack to coin "buzz. " The great thi n g is that *anyone* can engender buzz. Three of my techniques: 1. Be a sourc e or guest for normal m edia. I've been quoted in Reader's Digest, the New York Times, Woman's Day, Bo ttom Line, the Wall Boulevard Journal, Christian Skill Monitor, Los Ange les Times, Inc, and dozens of other well-known and block out publications (s ee a full list at http://www. principledprofits. com/pressroom. html) . I'm also a call-in guest on at least a dozen radio shows per year. Whether

or not I sell a lot of books absolutely because of t hese interviews, I absolutely conceive a lot of buzz (search for my nam e at Google and see for yourself)--and the best interviews sell a come to o f books all the way through my websites or toll-free numbers. Here's my "secret weapon" f or in receipt of coverage: a ceremony that sends find queries from journalist s functioning on

stories. (Find out more at http://www. frugalmarketing. com/prleads. shtml) 2. Find your niche on line, and participate actively. There ar e plainly hundreds of thousands of "communities" online: virtual watercoo lers where ancestors bring together to tal k shop: mystery, chronological novel analysis groups, professionals in every l ine of work. Find a group whose consultation is the same as your book,

and participate often. I now participate in three groups for small

press publishers (a chief advertise not only for my books but for my co pywriting services, a group for Internet marketing profess i onals, three fo r authority PR and copywriters, and a number of others. Yes,

I spend an hour or two per day maintenance up with--and participating on--th ese lists, but the bang on my affair is huge. 3. Distribu te content. A r ticles, book excerpts, blogs. . . if you write often an adequate amount about a subject,

you befit an expert. And you can find dozens of websites, discus sion groups, print newsletters, 'zines, even radio shows--all hungr y for well-written, informative material. You get "paid" with a

few lines of blurb and commerce info. For my new book, "Principled Pr ofit: Marketing That Puts Associates First," I am addi ng two belongings to

the mix: a exchange ideas of detached legislature who will sell my book on commission--thus getting new networks I've not been a ble to reach on my own--and aggressive pursuit of corporate sales. I've h ad my first accomplishment with the latter: 1000 copies to a prom i nent airline. And that means the book was before now profitable ahead of it ro lled off the press!

Shel Horowitz, dramatist of *Principled Profit: Marketing That Puts Associates First,* *Grassroots Marketing: Receiving Noticed in a Noisy World,* and four other books, offers affordable, effectual copywriting and strategic marketing development to clients on three continents. He is the originator of the Ethical Big business Assurance Crusade to adjustment the World at http://www. principledprofits. com/25000influencers. html. His sites at http://www. frugalmarketing. com and http://www. principledprofits. com offer hundreds of beneficial articles for entrepreneurs and marketers, together with the accomplish back issues of his FREE Monthly Parsimonious Marketing Tips. Shel will be glad to help you coin your next press release, sell sheet, web site, or other marketing material. He can be reached at shel@principledprofits. com, 800-683-WORD.


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